adobe (France) - Back to School


Generate awareness among core and non-core French students of Adobe Creative Cloud's offering and how Photoshop can benefit their studies

BY Creating a social-first video ad that shows how all creatives – no matter their level – must start from the blank page aka the Photoshop checkered grid.

What we did

Working in tandem with Havas Studios on Production, we storyboarded our 60" spot for social. We enlisted an illustrator and animator to turn stock footage into a world of imagination, telling the story of an everyday French student diving into their imagination, with Adobe Photoshop as the vehicle to creativity. 

We also shot the first and last establishing frames as live action, so as to ground the campaign in reality and ensure it's relatable to all students.....and if you look closely, you might recognise the 'student' whose mind we delve into...

What I did: creative concept ideation, storyboarding + scamping, script writing, edit assistance + talent

Using Format