Mica Zanele Anthony


📍london, uk

Hi i'm Mica! [pronounced Meesh ahhh]

Nottingham-born all round creative based in London.

I'm currently a Creative at Havas Play - FKA Cake: the culture and entertainment heart of the Havas Group where I work on brands like PUMA, EE, and Major League Baseball.

I’m a digital native, a writer, and a creator.  If it happened online, I'm all over it. With a degree in English Literature, you'll probably find me intellectualising memes and dissecting pop and internet culture... in the name of social commentary of course! 

A perceptive thinker who can respond to creative briefs uniquely, identify style, curate images, and unpick cultural nuances, and emerging trends in fashion, Black culture, pop culture, and music. 

I've previously worked in cultural insights, social media, and fashion - content creation, casting, shoot production, and copywriting. 

My sporty background in gymnastics and stunt cheerleading also means I'm not scared to take risks... It also means I can do flips which is a pretty cool party trick ;)

If you have briefs, opportunities, or just wanna chat, hit me up on micazanthony@gmail.com



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