UGC: User Generated Content.

The next big thing for brands after influencer marketing... and of course I'm already on it!

I've worked with a number of brands - both directly and through agencies - to create video content that showcases their brand and products in an authentic, real way. 

Brands know that consumers respond better to content that looks and feels more organic. Big, shiny productions can actually put people off. People want to see real people using and talking about products if they want to be persuaded to buy.

And if you want these videos made for your brand, I'm your gal! I'm a virgo perfectionist so you know I'm gonna deliver top tier content where quality is always 💯

I have a dedicated UGC portfolio here if you wanna check out more of my work, but here's a flavour of what I can do... Drop me an email if you fancy some content that's gonna convert

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