The Brief

Get: Women and girls

To: Feel confident at getting involved in sport

By: Building on 2021's She Moves Us Campaign with a digital campaign moment that encourages and empowers all forms of movement. 

What we did

Builtoff the crazy insight that the average person scrolls over 300 metres a day on their phones –the PUMA300 digital campaign seeks to turn 'mindlessscrolls into movement' by flipping the 300m of scrolling intosomething positive – 300 'moves' of any of your passions.

Weworked with a media partner, Glorious Sport, to land and amplify the message ontheir platforms as well as PUMA’s, launching in line with Mental Health Awareness Week to tie into how overconsumption of social media negatively impacts self esteem and mood.

We worked with 5diverse talent to appeal to all abilities + non-traditional sports: 

Scottishworld champion wheelchair racer, Samantha Kinghorn,Team GB sprinter & hurdler Lina Nielsen,Skateboarder, Danni Gallacher, Skipping With Sarah and West Ham footballer, Thea Kyvåg. 

Plus a special appearance from myself...keep your eyes peeled! 

Directed by Martina Pastori and stills photography by Claudia Agati

What I did

Creative concepting, scriptwriting & storyboarding, edit assistance, talent.

Using Format